Are you wondering what Theatrical Intelligence is? Simply put, it is a process I have developed based on the theatrical production model, to bring joy and creativity into the workplace. It’s finding the fun in your work!

It came about as a result of my personal career shift from working IN the theatre to working ON the theatre, which (for me) meant working in a more businesslike environment.  My first three blogposts form a trilogy describing the way my professional experience gradually grew into this new venture.

Theatrical Intelligence has six principles and eight roles (listed below).

Peak performance - an "A" in lights


1. Everyone shares the same goal
2. Everyone shares an equivalent risk
3. Collaboration rules
4. The work matters
5. Failure is your friend, and the fastest way to learn
6. Success comes with the courage to step into the unknown


1. Writer
2. Actor
3. Director
4. Producer
5. Designer
6. Manager
7. Technician
8. Critic

I will be blogging about this concept (and related subjects) and you are invited to join the conversation.  



9 Responses to “WELCOME!”

  1. Karen says:

    Interesting post and concept. Looking forward to hearing more and learning about the concept. Congrats on the launch.

  2. Reri MacLean says:

    I love ‘Theatrical Intelligence – the fun part of being smart’. That, plus the great images, instantly convey what you are about and convey it with sparkle and a smile.

    I’m intrigued by the Six Principles and look forward to hearing more!

  3. Rita Poyo says:

    I hope I am the first WPO Chair to comment–I just love being FIRST!! As you are with this magnificent concept of Theatrical Intelligence. I am sending your site info with Steve Bluestein, who is a childhood friend I shared the stage with for our high school senior play who is now a successful playwright in Los Angeles and currently has a work in production, also a blogger. You have a spectacularly well-designed site, and I think he will love it too.

  4. Christy says:

    How wonderfully you have phrased the Six Principles! Permitting failure and rewarding courage resonates with the artist in all of us. It sounds like you are building/designing a physical space that invites artists and audiences to “Come create”. It seems one could experience the difference of a space designed with your six principles versus one that was designed without them.

  5. Cathy Crosky says:

    This is a fabulous blog. Really enjoyed it and feel I got to know you and your work better. I am forwarding this to my actor friend who I am sure will appreciate it.

  6. Vicki Daly says:

    I love the idea that these roles and principles correspond — not just to the theatre — but to any endeavor that requires collaboration and passion. The roles, it seems, are archetypal, and the principles are life principles . . . . Will look forward to reading more on this blog and in the book.

  7. Jane Alden says:

    Ann, your blog is a huge inspiration to me! I do feel we are kindred spirits! I have been so troubled by the movement these days to cut funding to the arts and it lifts my spirits to read of your passion for and dedication to the furthering of this essential element to the soul of society! I hope we can do some work together soon. In the meantime, bravo, and keep up the wonderful work! Love, Jane

  8. Susie Symons says:

    Hello Ann,
    Nancy and I are good friends who met through IFS in Santa Barbara. We’re now chilling out in Ojai, kinda downshifting from the intensity of the week-long conference. I’m a therapist and a writer, and am interested in your blog. Happy to be able to join in. Susie

  9. Ann Sachs says:

    Welcome, Susie! Any friend of Nancy’s… Hope to meet you at some point, and I look forward to your comments. Ann

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